Hong Kong Photo Gallery - Hiking Sai Kung East

Sai Kung East Country Park was established in 1978 and has many hidden beaches and coves. In the old days, villagers in the 16 settlements made their living from fishing and lime. Hiking in this part of Hong Kong is quite rewarding with lots of beautiful scenery, but it has also attracted hordes of hikers and tour groups who have disrupted the region's tranquility.

From Sai Kung, take a taxi to the Sai Wan Pavilion, the start of the long hike.

The High Island Reservoir was built in 1971 with 2 dams rising 64m above sea level.

Typhoon damage to Sai Wan village was quite extensive, and even months after the storm passed, there was still a lot that needs to be cleaned up.

From Sai Wan, cross the hill and Ham Tin Wan emerges on the other side.

The strong hiker presence has supported many restaurants along the villages en route.

Amidst the various rest stops are abandoned homes and small restaurants which offer a good break between long hikes. Welcome to the small village of Tai Long. This part of the Maclehose Trail was chosen as one of National Geographic's 20 Dream Trails.

The next small village is Chek Keng, where vegetation has taken over some abandoned buildings already.

The small jetty at To Kwa Peng is located in a protected inlet. This is the final stretch back to the main road for the bus to Sai Kung.

From Wong Shek's pier, a huge crowd was awaiting bus 94 back to Sai Kung.

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