Hong Kong Photo Gallery - San Po Kong

Wong Tai Sin District is one of the 18 administrative districts in Hong Kong and takes its name from the famous Wong Tai Sin Temple, a landmark of the district. Over the years, Wong Tai Sin has been transformed from a plain and simple rural village to a district with well-developed public housing estates and a population of 440,000.

Mahjong parlours were once popular gambling dens in the city. As Tai Choy Lee gets set to demolish its old home, they held an open house to showcase what happens behind the shaded doors in the world of community gambling. The first mahjong parlour licence was granted in 1956 and 144 licences were ultimately granted.

Hand-painted tiles are no longer common due to the massive cost.

Winnings and losses are tracked on this manual sheet at the front counter. The ginger at the top represents a Cantonese slang for having guts.

San Po Kong is older industrial part of Wong Tai Sin District but there are pockets of residential buildings along a few side streets. The red sign advertises a pawn shop, which is also a dying industry in Hong Kong nowadays.

There is also an industrial section with hotels, car repair shops, and other retail scattered around.

Walking into the Choi Hung Road Market and Cooked Food Centre is like a step back in time.

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