Hong Kong Photo Gallery - San Tin (Tai Fu Tai)

The village of San Tin near the northern end of Hong Kong is home to an elaborate residence from the Qing Dynasty. Tai Fu Tai was built in 1865 for the Man family, who originated in Sichuan and migrated south during the Song Dynasty in the 12th-13th centuries, reaching San Tin in the 15th. Man Chung-luen was a senior official, or tai fu.

The building has many artistic elements, although the heads on these figures were taken out by children practicing their target shooting.

The entrance is assembled with solid stone slabs that the average household could not afford at the time.

The main courtyard is also well-decorated.

Notice there is both Manchu and Chinese script, a sign of how important this family was.

Attached on the west side and separated by a corridor are the kitchen, side chamber, and bathroom.

Outside, there is a large green space where you can sit down, have a snack, and appreciate the building's grandeur. Today, it is surrounded by residential lowrises and it is only a short walk to the main road for the minibus or 76K bus to Sheung Shui or Yuen Long.

On the way back to the bus, drop by to see this historic temple near the main road.

Otherwise, the village is typical of others around this part of the New Territories with lowrise homes and narrow laneways.

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