Sau Mau Ping Photo Gallery

Uphill from Kwun Tong is Sau Mau Ping, a residential area that skirts around the hills that border southeast Kowloon.

Po Tat Estate is a series of public housing buildings at the top of the hill. The complex is built off the main road, hence, is quite serene given its city location.

One side of these buildings face the valley, and a small walled park runs along the border between the buildings and the steep incline.

Residents air out their laundry in the open. With cooler autumn weather in full swing, these clothes should dry in no time.

More public housing blocks await as I head downhill.

This is a new estate, with a beautifully-landscaped common area.

The older public houing blocks are more boxy and smooth.

Autumn brings hazy skies. Kwun Tong is barely visible below.

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