Hong Kong's Most Scenic Bus Routes

Buses are a slower but more scenic way to sightsee around the city. Besides the typical sightseeing buses plying the tourist routes, I have some suggestions on the less common ones that nevertheless offer great views.


From Airport Across 2 Bridges

All airport buses enter the city through the Tsing Ma Bridge, the world's longest that carries both vehicles and trains at the time it was built. However, only a handful of bus routes also use the Stonecutters Bridge, which offers views of the container port and the skyline.

A10, A11, A12, or A22

From Tuen Mun to Tsuen Wan

While express buses take the elevated Tuen Mun Road, offering nice views as well, the slower route along Castle Peak Road is a bit easier for your camera. Take a seat on the left if leaving the city and on the right if heading into the city.



Across Shenzhen Bay Bridge

Start at the terminus below Yuen Long station and look for a double-decker operating the B2 service to the Shenzhen Bay border crossing. The immigration facility is actually on mainland Chinese soil across the bridge. You will see the various fish farms in the bay as well as Nanshan's emerging skyline on the Shenzhen side. Theoretically, you need your papers to enter the boundary crossing, a restricted area, although you can board a bus back to the Hong Kong side without formally going through immigration.



The Island Eastern Corridor

Heading into Wanchai from the eastern district, your front row seat will have a commanding view of the skyline just before Victoria Park. Keep to the right side to see Kowloon's emerging skyline.

118, 720, 788, 789

To the Peak or to Stanley

Taking the bus into Stanley or up to the Peak are exhilirating experiences through narrow roads, with bus captains able to navigate oncoming traffic around hairpin bends with ease despite the lack of space.

6, 15

Tai Tam Road

The road on the eastern edge of Tai Tam Reservoir is not wide enough for 2-way traffic when a big double decker is rumbling past.


Hill Road Overpass

Hong Kong Island's north coast is quite hilly. To facilitate vehicles from uphill reaching the waterfront areas and the Western Harbour Crossing, the Hill Road overpass weaves in between tightly-packed buildings heading 1-way downhill.

37X, 90B, 970X


Kai Tak

The Kai Tak Cruise Terminal is quite remote and is now surrounded by construction sites. You can either take KMB's 5R from Kowloon Bay or Kwun Tong or Citybus' 22 from Festival Walk, both of which don't run that frequently and are likely empty. Enjoy the view from your front row seat upstairs.


22, 22M

Kwun Tong Bypass

Some longer distance buses to the subrbs use the elevated expressway over Kwun Tong, offering views of the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, harbour, and skyline in the background for a long stretch with no obstructions.

307, 796C, 796X

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