Hong Kong Photo Gallery - Luk Keng to Kuk Po Hike

The Starling Inlet near Sha Tau Kok is remote and sparsely populated. While there are some hiking trails in the area on the higher parts of Sai Kung, the coastal walk from Luk Keng to Tai Wan is pleasant and easy with plenty of sea views along the way.

The coastal path starts at the village of Kai Kuk Shue Ha where you can grab a bite first.

This is Hong Kong's backyard, a huge contrast to the built-up urban area in Shenzhen on the other side.

There is no shortage of places where you can stock up supplies along the route, such as this proper cafe in Fung Hang with a public toilet next door to freshen up.

A dessert shop by the sea just before Kuk Po is a good place to take a break and enjoy the cool breeze.

Head inland and explore some of the lowrise village houses, some of which are still inhabited.

There is a larger Chinese restaurant in Kuk Po with many makeshift tables and chairs stretching along the breakwater.

Seasond hikers can continue for a few more hours to Lai Chi Wo on the other side of Sai Kung.

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