Hong Kong Photo Gallery - Sheung Shui

Located at the northern reaches near the border, Fanling and Sheung Shui are typical residential suburbs with a sprinkle of lowrise historic villages. So Kwun Po is within walking distance to the train station and just across the street from highrise residentials.

Sheung Shui was previously flooded with mainland tourists who come on a day trip from Shenzhen to sweep up goods that could be re-sold across the border at a profit. This is because of various product scandals on their side of the border, the belief that Hong Kong brands are better quality, and customs tax differences. The crowds stirred up a lot of tension and resentment as these areas were never designed to handle large tourist crowds and daily necessity shops soon gave way to cosmetics and drug stores that residents don't need. With the pandemic keeping the border mostly shut, this district's streets have returned to locals once again.

The modern part of the district has plenty of highrise towers.

The top floor of government-run wet market buildings is typically reserved for restaurants. As rents here don't correlate with market forces and remain cheap, these places are full of hidden gems and great value-for-money options. The Shek Wu Hui Municipal Services Building has some good finds, although not everyone was doing business even mid-afternoon.

Prices are great. A congee costs less than 25 dollars, a steal compared to the big chains in the shopping malls.

A short bike ride and long walk north from Sheung Shui station are large water pipes that bring fresh water from the mainland. These have recently become an Instagram / selfie destination.

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