Hong Kong Photo Gallery - Shing Mun Reservoir

Shing Mun Reservoir is accessible by walking uphill from Lei Muk Shue Estate. There are sidewalks on the narrow road that is also served by minibuses from Tsuen Wan, and you will pass some lowrise houses along the way.

The reservoir was completed in 1939 and was designed to supply water to Hong Kong Island. A walking path now snakes around the lake with the western side mostly flat. There are plenty of picnic sites along the way for a break.

With the new airport at Chek Lap Kok, descending planes kept this country park noisy during my visit.

The eastern section becomes more hilly with some steep climbs. Aggressive monkeys were lingering around looking for humans opening bags of food.

The monkeys are quite smart, knowing where humans deposit trash bags and scavenging them for food. This one is eating right above a trash can.

By the time you see the dam, you have almost circled the reservoir.

This huge hole is for overflow water to escape the reservoir. As it is still the drier part of the year, the water level is nowhere near.

It is possible to descend using a different route through a small village and emerging near On Yam Estate.

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