Hong Kong Photo Gallery - Tai Hang

Once a small village back in the 19th century, Tai Hang is now part of the heavily-urbanized northern coast on Hong Kong Island. Although its narrow side streets were once quiet oases within walking distance from Causeway Bay, it is slowly being gentrified with its short tenement buildings and dai pai dong slowly disappearing.

Lin Fa Temple is believed to date from the 1860s and patrons come here to worship Kwun Yam, the Goddess of Mercy. This temple is unique in its octagonal shape with no courtyard to the main hall, and side doors whereas worshippers typically enter through the middle in other traditional temples.

A staircase heads uphill towards Lai Tak Tsuen, a public housing estate with harbour views.

Next door, the wealthy classes also share the same view but from a much nicer building. The Serenade consists of 2 buildings of 54 stories each, with owners occupying the previous building (Lai Sing Court) being offered a flat-for-flat exchange as part of the redevelopment.

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