Hong Kong Photo Gallery - Tai Kok Tsui Redeveloped

The older part of Tai Kok Tsui has seen many redevelopments in recent years. Along its periphery, Harbour Green (#1) consists of 5 blocks and was completed in 2006.

Upper West (#2) is the first noticeable residential highrise redevelopment within the side streets. The single tower rises 42 floors and was completed in 2016.

Within the old section, the Square Mile (#3) redevelopment consists of several buildings wedged within the densely-packed small streets.

This is an older neighbourhood of industrial and residential buildings. This is the before :

This is the after :

Construction continues with several large sites under redevelopment.

Sablier is a single-tower joint development between the Urban Renewal Authority and Chevalier International. It will stand 25 stories tall with 144 units, mostly small 1-bedrooms or studios.

The area around Olympic station has a variety of tall housing blocks already, with developments attached to all 3 phases of the mall. Florient Rise (#4) opened in 2008. Expropriation wasn't entirely successful and one building was left standing, now surrounded by many other tall and new towers.

In this photo taken from Chun Wing Street, you can see the much shorter and older single tower of Hoi Ming Court left standing.

Central Park (#5) is one of the original residential developments at Olympic Station, with 4 towers completed in 2001.

The Hermitage (#6) is the newest development at Olympian City, and the first to offer studio apartments.

To the east of Tai Kok Tsui Road are smaller redevelopments. Park Summit (#7) is a 2-tower redevelopment that was completed in 2012.

Lime Stardom (#8) is a single block redevelopment on Larch Street that was completed in 2011.

Here is a wider view with Florient Rise (#4), Central Park (#5), and The Hermitage (#6). Both HSBC and Bank of China have large offices at Olympic station.

The western end of Cherry Street has a waterfront promenade along the typhoon shelter with skyline views.

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