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Tai O

Still a fishing village, Tai O is unique because homes are built on stilts above tidal flats. A paved road makes accessing this remote village possible in about 40 minutes from Tung Chung MTR station. The more adventurous can hike 15km along the coast to reach here.

Villagers' everyday tools and traditional items are on display to showcase their heritage.

Outside, you can savour plenty of freshly-grilled seafood or purchased dried ones that you can cook at home later.

Many lowrise homes dot the narrow alleys that snake around the coastline and river.

Dry your catch from the sea and store it for the winter.

The Tai O Police Station was built in 1902 on a small hill overlooking the ocean to combat piracy and smuggling. Now, it has been converted into a heritage hotel with 9 rooms and a rooftop restaurant.

I decided to head uphill for a glimpse of town and the international airport behind this once quiet fishing village.

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