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Tai Mei Tuk has been a getaway leisure destination from the city for a long time. Cyclists can make the long trip here from Shatin along the scenic Tolo Harbour. A long paved path runs along the end of the Plover Cove Reservoir where kites fly free and joggers roast under the sun. A number of water sports are available, as well as barbecue pits for cooler times of the year.

Ma On Shan's towers rise on the other side of the water.

Just around the corner from the barbecue pits, many people were taking advantage of the low tide to dig up clams on the seabed. Lung Mei Beach is an ecologically-sensitive area, although the government has decided to build a 200m-long artificial beach on part of the site. Environmentalists have called for an end to the project to safeguard a rare seahorse found in the area.

However, there is more to spot a few bus stops away. Continue along the road back to the city and get off at Ting Kok. Ahead of the bus stop are a set of stairs and a paved path towards the coast. The sandy shores and mangroves are home to crabs, clams, and starfish.

This section of coastline is in the sheltered part of Tolo Harbour called Plover Cove. Once full of mangroves, reclamation works to build new towns in Shatin and Tai Po and the dumping of untreated sewage and livestock waste following their opening have badly impacted the harbour. Works to improve the water quality since the 1980s have started to show results.

From Tai Po Market station, take bus 75K or minibus 20C to reach either Ting Kok or Tai Mei Tuk.

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