Hong Kong Photo Gallery - Lam Tsuen

Lam Tsuen was settled some 700 years ago during the Song Dynasty. It is now a lowrise residential area that is reachable to the train station by a short bus ride.

A key highlight is the wishing tree, where villages will throw papers of wishes anchored by oranges. A successful attempt would be to have the wish hang onto the branch. Due to the strain being placed onto the wishing tree, these practices have now moved to a fake tree nearby.

Due to typhoon damage, even the fake tree is now out of bounds to tourists.

Nearby, the Tin Hau Temple is used to worship for safety at sea. This structure was built during the Qing Dynasty in the 18th century.

This part of Hong Kong is a huge contrast to the ultra-dense city. There is plenty of greenery around, which begs the question why isn't the government trying harder to expropriate the land for residential development?

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