Hong Kong Photo Gallery - Cloudy Hill Descent

Tai Po is separated from the other northern suburbs by a set of tall hills. A relatively easy and scenic hike is up to Cloudy Hill, which stands at over 440m tall.

After a short break at the top, gazing at the views of Tolo Harbour and Ma On Shan beyond, I headed back down the way I came. If you continue through to Stage 9, you will enter Pat Sin Leng Country Park, and a more difficult trail lies ahead.

To the left is the Plover Cove Reservoir, with the dam being a favourite weekend biking spot.

At this trigonometric station, I diverged from my original route, turning left and down a different dirt path which offers a different scenic view down to Tai Po's highrises.

There were also makeshift rest stops along the way, with even clocks and calendars set to the right month hung inside.

The dirt path would yield to nicer stairs and there are plenty of them.

The landing point is just north of Fu Heng Estate, where there is a bus terminus with service back to Kowloon.

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