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LOHAS Park is a reclaimed area southeast of Tseung Kwan O. It has earned a bad reputation of being remote, with few services, and the air smells bad due to its proximity to a huge landfill. The entire district is expected to house some 58,000 people once it is complete in 2025.

The multiple residential sites were auctioned off in phases over the past many years, all clustering around the MTR terminus station. However, only 1 in 3 trains on the Tseung Kwan O Line go to LOHAS Park during peak hours.

The completed phases :
1 - The Capitol (10 blocks with 2097 units)
2A - Le Prestige (8 blocks with 1688 units)
2B - Le Prime (6 blocks with 1416 units)
2C - La Splendeur (3 blocks with 1168 units)
3 - Hemera (4 blocks with 1678 units)

Under construction :
4 - Wings At Sea (4+4 blocks with 1041+1132 units)
5 - Malibu (6 blocks with 1600 units)
6 - unnamed (4 blocks with 2392 units)
7 - Montara (2+2 blocks with 616+504 units)
8 - Sea to Sky (3 blocks with 1422 units)
9 - Marini (2+2+2 blocks with 647+503+503 units)


Phase 1 - The Capitol

Cheung Kong was the first property developer to build in this district in 2005. The first units were released for sale in 2008 at a price of about HKD$5000 a square foot. The first batch consisted of larger units from 684-960 square feet priced from $3.4-5.3 million.


Phase 2 - Le Prestige / Le Prime / La Splendeur

Phases 2 and 3 were jointly developed between Nan Fung and Cheung Kong in 2006 and 2007.


Phase 3 - Hemera

Most of this estate comprises larger 3 and 4 bedroom units that were sold in 2015 from HKD$8-10,000 per square foot, with the cheapest unit costing just over 6 million. At the time, these prices were about 10% cheaper than neighbouring projects.


Phase 4 - Wings At Sea

Developed by Sun Hung Kai Properties, sales began in 2017 from over $12,700 per square foot, with the cheapest flat costing $4.3 million. To lure professionals, the developer offered mortgages of up to 90% for buyers with a monthly salary of over $63,000, much higher than the standard mortgage ceiling of 60% for flats below $10 million.


Phase 5 - Malibu

Phases 5 was developed by Wheelock, who paid an average of about $1800 per square foot for the site, and started selling the flats in 2018 for over $14,000 per square foot.


Phase 7 - Montara

Wheelock won the 1.2 million square foot site in 2015 at about $2000 per square foot and planned to spend $5 billion to construct the residentials as well as the first shopping mall in the district. Sales launched in 2019 at an average of $14,700 per square foot.


Phase 8 - Sea to Sky

Cheung Kong snatched up the last waterfront site in 2015 and planned to invest HKD$10 billion after paying about HKD $2800 per square foot for the plot. Sales began in mid-2020 at over HKD$15,000 per square foot, or $6.4 million for the cheapest 2-bedroom flat.

Hopefully, once the dust settles, a nice waterfront promenade emerges and not have it become restricted space to residents only.

Here is a view of the buildings under construction on the right and its new neighbours, Marini in the middle and phase 6 on the left.


Future phases to watch include 9, a 1+ million square foot site that was sold to Wheelock in 2015 with a land premium of about HKD$2545 per square foot. The total investment cost for the development is expected to reach HKD$10 billion. Sales of the Marini development began in 2019 at an average of about $15,000 a square foot.

Phase 10 is a 85,842 square foot waterfront site that was sold to Nan Fung in 2016.

Phase 11 was won by a consortium of 3 developers, Sino Land, K Wah, and China Merchants Land in 2019 for the 950,000 square foot site. The price for the plot was about $3200 per square foot.

Phase 12 was sold in 2020 to Wheelock.

A small park lies within the cluster of buildings, although part of it is restricted access to residents only.

A wider view of the construction taking place looking west from the eastern end of the district.

To improve land transport in the area, the Cross Bay Link is under construction with expected completion in 2022. The bridge will connect to a new tunnel to Lam Tin on the Kowloon side.

An industrial estate lies further south which is home to media companies such as broadcaster TVB and the Apple Daily newspaper.

This part of town is becoming popular with data centres, with companies such as NTT, Telstra, China Mobile, and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange having presence. Sun Hung Kai Properties, through its subsidiary SuneVision, has built this one just across the street from phase 2.

Behind it are hiking trails up to High Junk Peak.

From the industrial estate, you can see the southern part of LOHAS Park, with Phase 8 (Sea to Sky) in green scaffolding and Phases 10, 6, and 4 beside it.

Over a decade since the first phase opened, residents finally saw a proper mall open in the district in August 2020. However, only 13 shops came with this first phase opening, with most of the 3 retail floors being empty.

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