Hong Kong Photo Gallery - To Kwa Wan

Located west of the old Kai Tak airport, To Kwa Wan was developed in the 1950s and 1960s as a mass housing district with small-scale industrial enterprises. Capped by height limits due to incoming air traffic, it has all the characteristics of a typical old neighbourhood - vibrant street retail, old markets, and rundown buildings.

Gentrification is slowly transforming the district but residents are frustrated over the slow pace of redevelopment. Perhaps the new MTR line will change this although construction scandals are delaying its completion.

The Ma Tau Kok Animal Quarantine Depot is the only pre-war cattle slaughterhouse left in the city. Built in 1908, its use ended in 1999 and a revitalization project turned the facility into an artists' village.

The 13 Streets neighbourhood is distinct with animals being part of each street's name. The decrepit buildings were originally built in 1958-1961 and is now home to a vibrant South Asian community thanks to its affordable rents.

Next to it is a similarly decrepit area known as the 5 Streets, which include both industrial and residential buildings leading up to the waterfront.

Grand Waterfront is an example of a giant modern redevelopment that dwarfs over its neighbouring buildings.

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