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Hongkong Tramways Limited (HKT) has been operating tram service in Hong Kong since 1904. When HKT was founded, the 26 tramcars of the first fleet were all single-deck. After 100 years, the fleet now consists of 163 tramcars which includes 2 antique tramcars. It is the world's largest fleet of double-deck tramcars still in operation, carrying an average of 240,000 passengers every day.

HKT operates 6 routes totalling about 30km on the north shore of Hong Kong Island. On average, there is a tram stop every 250 m, with 123 stops between the western terminus of Kennedy Town and the eastern terminus of Shau Kei Wan.

Due to continuous growth in population and economy in Hong Kong, residents' demand for a comprehensive transport system began in 1881. England sanctioned the building of a tramway system on Hong Kong Island on August 29, 1901.

The construction of a single-track system began in 1903 and it ran from Kennedy Town to Causeway Bay. The route was later extended to Shau Kei Wan. Tram fares for the first and the third class were 10 cents and 5 cents respectively. Initially, the company planned to divide the trams into 3 classes, but subsequently only the first and the third class were chosen for ease of operation.

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