Hong Kong Photo Gallery - Tsim Sha Tsui East

Across Chathan Road, the busy narrow streets with lots of shops and restaurants of Tsim Sha Tsui disappears. The eastern section of the district is mostly a commerical area with offices and luxury hotels framed in a set of grid streets with wide sidewalks and lots of parks.

Pedestrian bridges connect to the waterfront promenade. Although the buildings are not that tall, a number of luxury hotels are stationed here and have harbour views.

However, redevelopments nearby have overshadowed these shorter buildings, such as the new Rosewood at K11 Musea. Luckily, these new skyscrapers don't block the district.

Historically, many buildings in this area, especially those facing the harbour, put up elaborate neon light Christmas lights every year.

The district's major exception is along the pedestrian way next to Mandarin Plaza on the way to the Cross Harbour Tunnel. A number of restaurants line the route with many local "street food" snacks on offer.

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