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Tsim Sha Tsui

Signal Hill Tower was built by the Observatory in 1908 to provide time for incoming ships. From 1908-1920, every day at 1pm, a copper ball was dropped from the top of the 12.8m tower to tell the time. The ball was dropped twice a day from 1980-1933. While surrounded by tall buildings today, the tower was located on the district's highest point.

Today, the tower is part of the Signal Hill Garden, a quiet and relatively obscure park despite in the heart of the shopping area.

The former Marine Police Headquarters was completed in 1884 and was used for that purpose until 1996. In 2003, the government invited redevelopment proposals for the site and the current revitalization opened in 2009, turning the historic site into a luxury shopping mall.

Nearby, the Star Ferry used to be a major transport hub when commuters took the ferries from Central to connect to buses here for their Kowloon homes. Since the tunnels and MTR opened, the ferries have become more of a tourist's choice of transport, while reclamation on the other side of the harbour has made access far worse.

Meanwhile, the focus should be on the waterfront promenade with free skyline views.

Further away from the promenade, a quiet park sits on top of East Tsim Sha Tsui station, which seems hidden from the rest of the city but actually stretches above and over a main road.

The rest area at The One shopping mall offers lovely views of the skyline and a shaded reprieve from the summer heat.

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