Tsing Yi Photo Gallery

Tsing Yi's northeastern waterfront has a long promenade with wide sidewalks for jogging and walking. Major change is happening across the water in Tsuen Wan.

Back in 2008, the density was far lower.

When the sun sets and the hot summer weather cools down ever so slightly, the joggers emerge.

The island is now a residential suburb half way to the airport.

The island is home to many public housing estates. Cheung Ching Estate is spread along the hillsides with decent views of the area and Tsuen Wan across the channel.

From up here, the container port is just across the bridge.

A long bridge leads to the next cluster of public housing at Cheung Hang and Cheung Wang Estates, which are on a separate hill.

I was anticipating some decent views from this hilltop location. Unfortunately, there was plenty of foliage in the way, and it was impossible to see too far from street-level. It took a bit of climbing and exploring in the playground to get this shot.

Dryers are not common in the city, so people use an environmental and free way to dry their large fabrics.

Cheung Hong Estate & Ching Wah Court

Patrons in school uniforms get to choose from a discount student menu. A set with free drink costs just $20 and up.

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