Hong Kong Photo Gallery - Kwong Pan Tin

Nestled along the hillside on the way up Tai Mo Shan, Kwong Pan Tin is not just the typical lowrise squatter village of uninspiring concrete and metal shacks. Volunteers, including children and their parents, worked with villagers to beautify the village with plenty of colour. The various artworks on the buildings and public infrastructure reflected the village economy and customs, including the big pineapples that once were plentiful here.

From Tsuen Wan MTR, you can walk just over 1km uphill to reach the village. From exit A, head along the pedestrian bridge to Discovery Park. Along the way, you will notice an older-looking pedestrian bridge to your right. Take that to cross the train tracks and continue up the staircase after the underpass.

You will reach Route Twisk at the top of the staircase, which connects Tsuen Wan with Shek Kong across the mountains. Head uphill and cross the street at Kwong Pan Tin Section 2. Alternatively, you can take the 51 bus or 80 minibus to save the hike uphill.

These shacks are part 1 of the village and haven't been spruced up with artworks yet. Keep going.

Entrace to part 2 of the village where the artworks are located is marked by a rainbow-coloured staircase.

A set of pigs greets you for visiting or returning home.

After the public toilet, there is yet another rainbow-coloured staircase up to the residential area.

As a result of their success, the village has seen an influx of tourists, which have put some strain on the residents' lives with noise and crowds. Be considerate as the village inhabitants hope you enjoy the sights in tranquility as well. With coronavirus still around, wear a mask as well.

The murals are concentrated on both sides of the staircase uphill. While it is not a long section of art, each wall has its own interesting design.

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