Hong Kong Photo Gallery - Tsuen Wan's Hillside Public Housing

Perched along the hills leading up to the Shing Mun Reservoir, Cheung Shan Estate has 1600 rental flats in its 3 buildings and opened in 1978. It has its own shopping centre that looks like a step back in time. There are cooked food stalls offering outdoor seating, a rarity nowadays, a fairly empty market, and a lot of seniors enjoying the vast public spaces to relax.

This simply-named "fast food restaurant" offers a traditional menu board and simple decor. Affordability and value for money are the key to a good public housing eatery.

This fried fish filet with rice in tomato sauce costed only $33, drink included.

Downstairs, the shopping centre has all the amenities. The small shops have its names painted in traditional red characters while there is also a modern supermarket.

This shop has been around since the estate opened and sells a lot of traditional snacks such as preserved plum, kumquat, ginger, and lemon.

Meanwhile, corridors face the side overlooking the main road, improving ventilation and reducing noise seeping into homes.

A bit further downhill, Shek Wai Kok Estate has 8 towers and opened in the early 1980s. Its shopping mall is under renovation so perhaps the old-style shops will soon be replaced.

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