Hong Kong Photo Gallery - Tuen Ma Line New Hung Hom Station

As part of extending the Tuen Ma Line's Phase 1 to connect to the West Rail, a new set of platforms were built at Hung Hom station. Construction had been controversial as shoddy construction involving shortened steel bars was revealed in 2018, resulting in 4 contractors being banned from government contracts for up to a year. A public inquiry revealed shoddy work in sample checks of the platform's structure as well as missing inspection documents and unauthorized design changes. However, they concluded the structures remained safe.

The new platforms opened on June 20, 2021, a week ahead of the line's full commissioning.

West Rail trains still terminate here and all passengers disembark on this unmarked platform. When the full Tuen Ma Line opens, this would be repurposed for Ma On Shan-bound trains.

These platforms are separate from the existing East Rail Line, resulting in an upstairs and downstairs transfer to the other end of the station.

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