Hong Kong Photo Gallery - Tuen Ma Line Full Opening

The full Tuen Ma Line opened on June 27, 2021 with 2 new stations at Sung Wong Toi and To Kwa Wan. The 56 km line connects the Ma On Shan and West Rail Lines and is the city's longest with 27 stations in total, taking 74 minutes from end to end. With the opening, the full line's colour has changed to brown.

Ho Man Tin station first opened in 2016 when the Kwun Tong Line was extended to Whampoa, but the floor dedicated to the Tuen Ma Line only opened with the line's full commissioning.

To Kwa Wan is a double deck station below an old district where redevelopment pace is expected to pick up.

Archaeological discoveries were found during Sung Wong Toi station's construction. Dating from the Song and Yuan dynasties, the finds delayed construction by a year and costed an additional $3 billion, although not all the sites have been excavated yet. Some of the artifacts, which include coins and ceramics, are on display inside the fare-paid area.

Some of the excavated ceramics were widely exported and found in shipwrecks along the trading soutes in the South China Sea. These were believed to have been produced by kilns in Zhejiang, Fujian, and Jiangxi.

Along the former West Rail stations, the Hung Hom-bound and West Rail signs have changed to Wu Kai Sha and the Tuen Ma Line.

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