Hong Kong Photo Gallery - Por Lo Shan

Behind Leung King Estate in Tuen Mun is a paved access road that leads up to one of Hong Kong's most unique geological features, the canyons at Por Lo Shan. While the ascent is not too difficult and had no steps, most parts are not shaded and hence can get quite uncomfortable under the summer heat.

After reaching the peak, the trail turns into gravel but continues fairly flat for a while. Locals have made tents and chairs to enjoy the cooler shade up here.

Welcome to Hong Kong's version of the Grand Canyon.

It is possible to continue downhill towards Pak Nai, or backtrack to Tuen Mun. Shenzhen's skyline is just across the bay.

The path down is partially paved although gravel and sand at different parts. There are no signs but it is only one direction down.

Then at the bottom, a sign notes this path is closed to the public. Por Lo Shan is actually part of the army's firing range zone.

From here, Shenzhen's container ports and the sunset are in sight.

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