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Tucked along the coast far from any major suburban new towns, T · PARK is a waste to energy facility that transforms sludge from sewage treatment into an energy source. The incinerators here can handle as much as 2000 tonnes of sludge daily, with the heat powering the facility and providing up to 2 megawatts of electricity to the grid. The resulting ash is only 10% of the original sludge's volume, which is disposed in the landfill behind the building.

Opened in 2016, public tours are available to see the waste treatment process. Pre-book the tour and shuttle bus online as there is no public transport to the site. The bus picks up at a designated location in Tuen Mun station.

Besides the escorted tour, there is also a thermal spa where you can go for a swim or soak. This could also be pre-booked online on their website.

The tour will bring you to an exhibition area showcasing the technology and benefits of incineration on the sludge.

Working with the environmental theme, 100 wood fenders from the old Wan Chai Ferry pier were saved and repurposed into these benches. The wood came from Indonesia and were used for 46 years in the harbour. The pier was demolished in 2014 to make way for reclamation.

There is also a cafe and roof garden with many outdoor sections to enjoy the sea views.

While the actual working area is not open to the public, windows over many locations give a gimpse of the works inside. The facility is entirely self-suficient, generating enough energy to fuel its own desalination plant.

The West New Territories Landfill rises along the hills behind this facility.

The final stop on the tour is T·SKY, which is the highest point of the facility and offers a panoramic view of the site.

Expect to spend a few hours here and a half day if you want to use the spa as well.

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