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Tung Chung

Tung Chung as a new town was created as part of the new airport project. Designed to service the airport's thousands of workers, this suburb is not as crowded or noisy as its counterparts in the New Territories.

With the sun out, residents take advantage of the rays to dry out their larger pieces of laundry. Dryers are not common in the typical Hong Kong home.

Before the airport project, this part of Lantau was a sleepy and serene area. The fishing village has survived albeit is now surrounded by tall public housing blocks.

Tung Chung Fort was built in 1832 during the Qing Dynasty as part of Dapeng's defenses. Following the British takeover of the New Territories in 1898, the fort became a police station, then a school.

Closer to the coast, this battery is 1 of 2 built in 1817.

Not too many blocks away, the density tapers off and countryside resumes. Here, a relatively flat trail leads away into the wilderness. A few hours later, you will end up at Tai O at the edge of Lantau.

Villagers don't always take care of the environment though.

Nevertheless, airport expansion will impact these villagers as the extra planes will bring lots of noise to these shores.

The bridge to Macau and Zhuhai is being built just offshore between the trail and the airport. Planes taking off could be loudly heard throughout.

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