Hong Kong Photo Gallery - Historic Wanchai

The Blue House is a 4-storey house built in the 1920s with both Western and Chinese elements. It was coloured blue as the decorators only had that type of paint at the time. Recently renovated, it remains residential although the ground floor has an exhibition hall, cafe, and community usage areas.

Its neighbours have changed tremendously over the years with many residential redevelopments. Wan Chai Market was partially preserved with the facade kept while a new residence was built behind it. Its construction, which included a strong steel frame encased in reinforced concrete, was advanced for the time. The market was completed in 1937 in the streamline moderne style, an art deco form from the 1930s.

Neighbouring streets still have many old and dilapidated buildings that may soon disappear.

The Pawn was originally the Woo Cheong Pawn Shop and the building dates from pre-war days. It was designed with both Western and Chinese features, such as high ceilings, French windows, and light wells. Acquired by the government's renewal agency in 2003, it was renovated in 2007 and now houses a fancy restaurant and a publicly-accessible rooftop lounge.

Wan Chai's outdoor market streets are spread across a few blocks, offering fresh groceries as well as dried items.

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