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Wong Chuk Hang is now home to many art galleries and exhibition spaces, taking up space in disused factory buildings. The district is transforming thanks to a new MTR line that opened in 2016, with new office tower redevelopments and a huge new residential project now under construction.

Desarthe Gallery's resident artist, Chan Ka Kiu, is creating new artworks on the topic of musicians, artists, actors, and celebrities who died at the age of 27. I visited during the installation, although the artist was not in that day, noting various blow-up dolls arranged in many intimate positions in this work-in-progress.

Across the street, the Hong Kong Arts Development Council opened an exhibition gallery named SHOWCASE in Landmark South, a new office tower.

At the entrance is what seemingly is a bus stop, but upon closer inspection, it shows off 2 bus tour routes. Buses have long been the primary mode of transport for Southern District residents. Swing Lam, the only artist in this exhibition with a public bus license, has created a Network 26 bus tour of the area.

Upon closer inspection, I noted this 73A tour only takes place on 2 days in September. It's the same story for the other tour, route 74.

Eastman Cheng has created a set of punch needle embroidery works outlining the area's historic development. Visitors are invited to chip in as well.

Ocean Leung's "Multiple Colours and 99 Blues" shows various parts of the district in their shade of blue paint, highlighting the area's maritime influence.

Kong Chun Hei has used the long stretch of glass wall for his "Holders" work, using glass-installation tools to create a geometric pattern. It mimicks walls in old public housing estates which had various shapes with holes in the middle to improve ventilation.

The old village is long gone but Margaret Chu has created "Gather and Scatter", a frail paper rooftop.

Mark Chung's work outlines the area's former printing business. As fortunes fell, outdoor mural advertisements have been forgotten, surviving the test of time even as the brands disappeared.

The Hong Kong Arts Development Council opened its new headquarters in Landmark South in 2023. 4 floors in this office building are allocated to the government organization, a condition of sale when the former fire station was redeveloped. The exhibition space is located on the UG floor.

blindspot Gallery is located in a dingy industrial building but they've made interesting use of the huge floor space with a few exhibits and seating to enjoy them.

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