Hong Kong Western District Photo Gallery

Western District is one of the earliest development areas of Hong Kong. Here, the British landed and took possession of Hong Kong Island as their new colony.

However, with the MTR extension the passes through this area nowadays, gentrification is taking hold. Shop rents are bound to rise, which may clear out some of the older shops with less interesting new alternatives.

With more history behind it, you can find your traditional festival needs here, such as these decorations for Chinese New Year.

Today, Western is mostly an older residential area, with some pockets of redevelopment here and there.

These new towers are much taller than their neighbours, which give some interesting urban contrast photo opportunities.

Despite the change, the dried seafood market is still alive and well along Des Voeux Road West. Once selling just salted fish, growing affluence has broadened their range to other higher end dried seafood products such as abalone and shark's fin.

You can find abalone from as far as Australia and South Africa in these stores. Prices vary significantly and can cost thousands of dollars each.

Dried squid can be heated up in a charcoal grill for a quick snack or placed in a soup.

On a sunny day, retailers would dry seafood right on the street.

Other traditional dried products are also available, such as sausages.

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