Hong Kong Photo Gallery - West Kowloon Cultural District

The Xiqu Centre's design is inspired by traditional Chinese lanterns with an entrance resembling stage curtains. The 8-storey performance venue hosts a large theatre of over 1000 seats and also smaller theatres for different types of opera events.

Outside, the cultural district is still heavily under construction.

M+ is expected to open in 2020 as a museum of contemporary visual culture. Its 17,000 sq m of exhibition space will be complemented by a rooftop terrace with harbour views.

June 2018

June 2020

November 2020

July 2021

Even before construction of the district began, the waterfront promenade opened to the public in 2005 with a 400m-long wood walkway. As construction approached, the open space has gotten smaller and smaller.

As the sun sets, you can see both the sun dip below the horizon to the west and the skyline light up for the evening.

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