Hong Kong Photo Gallery - Living in Wong Tai Sin

Wong Tai Sin District is one of the 18 administrative districts in Hong Kong and takes its name from the famous Wong Tai Sin Temple, a landmark of the district. Over the years, Wong Tai Sin has been transformed from a plain and simple rural village to a district with well-developed public housing estates and a population of 440,000.

Choi Hung Estate opened in 1962 and consists of 11 public housing blocks with 7400 rental flats.

Dryers are not common in Hong Kong. Residents use the natural way to dry their laundry. With no balconies, more innovative ways are used to maximize output.

Choi Wan Estate comprises 2 sections along the hillside. The lower section consists of 16 towers that were completed in 1979 while the upper section has 5 towers that were completed a year earlier.

Tsz Wan Shan has more public housing blocks but is situated up along the hillsides from Choi Hung. To conquer geography, the slopes are reinforced to prevent landslides during the rainy season.

Residents take advantage of the reinforced slope by turning it into a clothes drying ground.

Heading back downhill, I enjoyed the view from Chuk Yuen Estate, which consists of southern and northern parts of 8 blocks each. The north section opened in 1987 while the south section opened in 1984.

Construction continues just off the estate for the Shatin-Central Line.

Po Kong Village Road Park covers 9 hectares and has a 1km-long elevated cycling track suspeneded high above the hillsides.

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