Hong Kong Photo Gallery - Christmas Decorations 2020

Every Christmas, the major shopping malls splash out various types of seasonal decor. The theme differs every year and is a lot more elaborate than just a big Christmas tree. With many luxury shopping malls in Tsim Sha Tsui, I headed over there first to sweep through the 3 major malls within walking distance of each other.

K11 Musea

These golden trees are part of the Christmas Forest in the mall's main atrium, the Opera Theatre.

Heading up to the Bohemian Garden on the 7th floor, Globoscope is a light show curated by Collectif Coin, an art lab from France. Hong Kong is their debut in Asia. While the grounds are freely accessible during the daytime, free tickets need to be pre-booked to watch the light show after dark.

A Christmas village with both outdoor and indoor markets have been set up on the 6th floor. The highlight was a huge golden tree with the skyline in the background.

Harbour City

The Christmas display typically covers both the lead-up walkway and the staircase up to the mall, although this year's decorations with the theme "Christmas Every Day" only cover the latter.

Inside the mall, the Christmas theme revolves around Taiwan's Lan Lan Cat.

At the end of the mall on top of its new extension, the Christmas Lighting Garden is illuminated at night in different patterns and colours with the skyline in the background. Over a million lights cover the garden. To limit crowds, access at night needs to be pre-booked for free in 20-minute sesssions.



Olympian City

The Alien Planet Christmas Party consists of 4 planets, Magma, Humanator, Laughter, and Foodie, and 5 sensory experiences.

East Tsim Sha Tsui

Hotels and office buildings in the district are traditionally decorated together, and with wide sidewalks and open spaces laid in a grid format, this is a popular place for a night-time stroll to feel the festive atmosphere.

Mira Place

The "Santa Claws Xmas Party" is based on the Japanese capsule toy Shakurel Dinosaurs.

The One - Kakao Friends pop-up store


Chubbi Chunk Christmas Downtown is a local creation by Jim Dreams. In addition to its street-level display, there is also a second diorama on the 3rd floor amidst a number of empty storefronts eliminated by the pandemic.


Some 3600 LED lights make up this sensory light show that pairs up with music every half hour. A spending promotion can earn shoppers who spend over HKD$1 million with at least $80,000 in gift vouchers.

The Landmark

The Santa Paws display includes recycled decorations from past Christmases and has been inspired by a new charitable fund set up by Hongkong Land.

HSBC Headquarters

Pacific Place

Santa has arrived by steamship this year. To visit, fill in a health declaration, check your temperature, sanitize your hands, wear a mask, and book a ticket. If you spend over HKD$28,000, your reward is a hamper from Caviar House & Prunier.

Maritime Square

The mall's Christmas decorations are split into 2 areas, a main carnival area as well as a light and music show at its new addition.

The Mills

Their theme is a green Christmas with decorations made from recycled wood pallets and hung like a chandelier. Each piece of wood was preserved using a Japanese technique called Shou Sugi Ban. In addition, students from a local charity have created hand-made ornaments from reclaimed wood that are hung around the site.

The Whampoa

Their Christmas decor theme is around Moomin, which was created by Finnish artist Tove Jansson and first published in Swedish in 1945.

T.O.P This is Our Place

Their decor features local comic series Cheap Century.

Metro Harbour View

Their simple decor is based on a traditional local-style restaurant that would serve a Hong Kong-style milk tea.

The Lohas

This mall opened in 2020 to serve the rapidly-growing Lohas Park community. Their Christmas centerpiece is a 9m tall tree.


The "bear in love" theme stretches across 2 floors but like other malls, it is not possible to get up close to the exhibits.


The Pixar-themed decoration is relatively small but has a few familiar characters.

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