Flight Report : N8 121 Hong Kong - Guilin


N8 121 (CR Airways)
Hong Kong - Guilin
October 13, 2005
Loading Factor : about 40%
Flight Time : about 1 hour

My early morning flight to Guilin was only occupied by my tour group, which consisted of about 20 people. As a result, CR Airways asked that passengers arrive at the gate a bit early so once all the checks are completed, we would be on our way early. In the end, we boarded about 20 minutes earlier than scheduled but by the time we were in the air, we were pretty much on time.

Since the CRJ is a small jet, passengers had to take a bus from the main terminal building to the tarmac for boarding.
Hong Kong Express is also an upstart carrier flying to regional destinations.
Flight 121 is now taxing towards the western end of the south runway for takeoff.
It was a very smoggy day, and not much was visible during takeoff even though the plane flew right above the urban areas.
The smog is clearly visible during the entire journey to Guilin.
Landing in Guilin

Final Thoughts

Service was excellent.
There were 2 flight attendants for the 20 of us. They were extremely courteous and polite, making sure all of us were strapped into our seats and comfortable as we headed towards takeoff at the western end of the runway.

Food was reasonable.
Breakfast consisted of a flavoured bread from a venerable Hong Kong bakery. It tasted all right but I was hoping they'd serve a hot breakfast.

Guilin Airport is very quiet.
Guilin airport was very quiet that morning, with only 2 other aircraft parked there as we pulled in. Again, since the CRJ was so small, we had to take a bus to the terminal. The next flight would arrive a few hours later. Most flights from Hong Kong traditionally arrive in the evening. N8 was an exception.

Customs was very efficient
The customs people were eager to process us since the next flight was a few hours away and they wanted to take their break.

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