Hong Kong - Seoul Flight Reports

Breakfast at the Airport

With the morning departure, I opted for breakfast at the Business Class lounge. While I originally intended to visit The Cabin, Cathay's new airport lounge, in the end I wandered into The Wing. It was already quite busy so early in the morning.

While the chairs were comfortable, they were low and the lounge was quite open throughout, giving little privacy. This contrasts to the more individualistic shell seats in The Cabin.

Dirty Bathroom

With the high passenger flow comes a price - a dirty bathroom. However, it was an individual room with toilet and wash basin so there is more privacy.

The funkiest area were the luggage storage racks, which resembled more like a designer shop than a store room.

Today's flight would be operated by an older plane with the regional Business Class. Despite having no lie-flat seats, they had my favourite drink - Cathay Delight.

We took off towards the west, which meant my A window seat would be quite useless today. Strangely, there was a huge slick in the water that seemed to massive to be an unreported oil spill. Perhaps it was natural?

After the light snack, lunch was served. I filled up a bit too much in the lounge, so in the end had to miss the main course. In retrospect, I should've taken it easy on the lounge food since it wasn't great anyway, and the in-flight meals would have been far better.

Although the chairs can only recline so much, I actually prefer these normal-facing seats as they appear to be wider than the newer herringbone type.

It was a very foggy day in Seoul. I could barely see the ground until almost touch-down.

Final Comments

The crew was very friendly and they all had great smiles. Despite the older seat, it wasn't such a big deal given the short flight. However, the satellite terminal at Incheon needs a more frequent train connection. Trains only come every 5 minutes.

An Expected Upgrade

I wanted to get to Seoul a bit early to do some sightseeing, so I picked the morning flight. Having checked the schedules and fares a few days prior to flying, I noticed this flight was full. I was hoping for an upgrade, so checked in a bit late at the Marco Polo Club counter. Not surprisingly, I was upgraded. With little time left, I had to skip plane spotting and go straight to boarding.

Eastward Takeoff

We took off towards the east, and with a left window seat, I was hoping to snap some Kowloon aerials. However, due to clouds, we were soon above a lot of white stuff and the city could not longer be seen.

A Huge Brunch

Business Class food is always good at Cathay Pacific. First came the warm almonds, then a full meal, with a lovely shrimp and potato dish and green salad, followed by the main course. What a great brunch.

The flight to Korea takes less than 3 hours, and soon we started our descent into Incheon. Like in the past, we took a slightly longer route than direct. We entered Korea from the SW tip around Jeju and skirted the west coast into Seoul. Perhaps the flight paths were made to avoid North Korean air space.

Welcome to Korea

Our plane taxied to a gate in the new satellite terminal. This was my first time using the facility, and I thought it was sleek and looked efficient. The platform for the train to the immigration area even had the chimes like the Seoul subway just before a train pulled in.

Flight Report
CX410 Hong Kong - Seoul Incheon
Business Class
27 May 2007

My morning flight to Incheon began with check-in at the Airport Express station. Once the baggage was out of my hands, I proceeded to the airport to do some quick plane spotting, forgoing my invitiation to the executive lounge yet again.

A cloudy day in Hong Kong

Kai Tak awaits redevelopment :

The skies began to clear as we flew over Korea and neared Seoul.

Yet another uneventful flight completed. 3 hours went by rather quickly.

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