Flight Report
CX 717 Hong Kong - Singapore
Business Class

Early Morning Flight

It was a very early flight to Singapore. I had to make sure I got to the airport by around 8am. Since this flight was on Business Class, I wasn't so worried about the lineup, but rather the cutoff time for checking my luggage. I also needed to leave an hour to spare to do some plane spotting as well.


There was no line-up for Business Class check-in, and soon I passed immigration and security to begin plane spotting!

My Gate

The Pier Lounge

I've flown with Cathay in Business Class numerous times before, but I actually never ever made it to the lounge since I've always been busy plane spotting. This time, I decided to see what The Pier was like. The lounge is made up of a mix of bar, which faced the window where I could see some aircraft, food court-like benches for mass seating, and then couches. After a quick stroll, it was time to head by to my gate to board.

Taxi to Takeoff

The blue skies that greeted me when I arrived at the airport gave way to more clouds, and because I was facing the wrong side of the plane, I had the sun shine straight at me, making photo-taking a bit more difficult.

Goodbye Hong Kong

We took off heading east, with Tuen Mun and the New Territories clearly in sight.

South to Singapore

After spectacular aerial views over Hong Kong, the plane turned south along the west coast of Hong Kong Island and headed towards Singapore.


Breakfast began with a fruit platter and a choice of breads and muffins.

More Breakfast

During the servings of breakfast, I kept an eye on the window for more shots of clouds and ocean. Then came the yogurt, then the main course. I picked the chicken dish, which was pretty good, although nothing exceptional. Business Class meal serving methods have changed. They used to push a cart out showing the dishes, much like economy class. But now they'd get my order and personally bring the dish out. They should've started doing this long ago.

Vietnam in View

I kept an eye on the window again as we neared Vietnam to capture some pictures of landfall.


Business Class was fairly full that Sunday morning, and the FAs were fairly good in keeping us at bay. They didn't have Cathay Delight on this flight, at least not according to the menu, so I got a different drink for a first try.

Malaysia in View

Singapore Aerials

I've flown to Singapore a number of times in 2007, and I don't recall ever landing from the south. As the plane turned 180 degrees to make the southerly approach, I was given a full view of the skyline and much of Singapore's cityscape.

Another uneventful flight concluded ...

Flight service wasn't anything particularly special - typical of a Business Class flight. The luggage came out in decent speed and there was no line-up at all at immigration. I was out of the airport in about half an hour after landing in a taxi towards the city.

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