Singapore Airlines Flight Reports

SQ 857 Hong Kong - Singapore
Business Class


To save time and to give myself a bit more sleep, I decided to take the Airport Express and check in at Kowloon Station.

Plane Spotting

It was a cloudy and foggy day in Hong Kong. The plane spotting photos didn't turn out too well.

Take Off

SQ 857 left the gate at 10:31am - on schedule.


The appetizer consisted of a very large piece of duck liver, which tasted quite good, but I think it's an acquired taste. After about half of it I gave up. The main course was fairly delicious.

Approaching Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City


The flight was fairly smooth, but I notice the FA's don't come around to serve water or ask for drinks during the flight. Perhaps it's their style to give the passengers some privacy. Nevertheless, they're quick to respond if I have a need and ask for it anyway.

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