Flight Report
CX 101 Hong Kong - Sydney

Business Class
19 March 2008

Red-Eye Flight

I decided to head to Sydney for Easter, and flew out on the last flight of the day. I'm not so good with red-eye flights, but hoped for the best with Cathay's Business Class seats. Check-in was smooth, although I didn't get to use the neat First Class check-in counters below :

Business Class Lounge

The lounge in the outskirts of the terminal was quite busy, with quite a number of long-haul flights still due out at that hour of the day.

Delayed Departure

The flight was delayed by 30 minutes, which gave me more time to wander around the Business Class lounge.


I wasn't particularly hungry so late into the night, so I settled for breakfast only, with an assortment of fruits and dim sum. I seem to encounter dim sum every time I get a Cathay breakfast.

Good morning, Australia!

The sun re-emerged as we entered the Australian morning.

Sydney View

We approached Sydney from the west side, passing through the city centre, the airport, and then looping around to land from the south. With a window seat on the left side, I got a lovely view.

Airplanes + Skyline

Service Summary

  • Cathay's new business class seats are very comfortable with a fully-flat bed.
  • Business Class was overbooked and I was asked if I wanted to volunteer to downgrade upon check-in.
  • The new seats are very narrow . When I put my arms on the armrests, I was already hitting the two partitions already.
  • The PTV screen got much bigger, which was a great plus.
  • The window was very hard to access since the seat, at regular position, almost blocked out the gap to the window completely.
  • Taking pictures requires some skill, and an uncomfortable lean to access the window. I'm not so happy with the slanted configuration.
  • 9/10
    Cabin crew were friendly, attentive, and the new Business Class is comfortable. I managed to get some sleep even though I tend to fare badly on red-eye flights. I was fresh enough to start sightseeing upon arrival. However, I really hope the seat widths can increase, as it felt quite claustrophobic with the new privacy features.

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