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Icelandic Flag

Akureyri is located at the head of Iceland's longest fjord and is the largest fishing port in the north. The approach from Myvatn passed through these marshmallows, presumably bagged hay.

The city comes into full view at an observation point on the other side of the fjord.

To reach the city centre, the road descends from the hills and crosses the fjord at almost sea level.

The airport runway protrudes into the water and planes taking off hang low above the road.

The city's skyline comprises primarily of short buildings set against lush hills and snowy mountains.

The city centre was quiet. It was a fairly cold and windy day after all.

Akureyri Church is perched at the top of a long staircase from the city centre. It's a simple recent construction from 1940 with Art Deco twin spires. The caretakers were very nice to open the doors to us for a special visit even though it was closed.

It wasn't too high up, but it was already possible to see the city's rooftops.

An enthusiastic local recommended heading further uphill to visit the Catholic Church.

The church had a few stately neighbours, some of which also enjoyed views of the city.

The causeway looks so artificial from this angle.

Cold weather has arrived; leaves have turned colour; these berries are still resilient.

The mountains were not far away.

It's a serene city - not dense at all, and the fall colours make it even more picturesque.

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