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Icelandic Flag

The Golden Circle is a 300-km route covering several key landmarks near Reykjavik. The sun emerged above this rocky landscape near Ŝingvallavatn, the largest natural lake in Iceland.

The busy tourist season has ended, and there was barely a soul travelling on the road.

The Icelandic chieftains gathered here and formed the world's first parliament, the Althing. This meeting place is now part of Ŝingvellir National Park.

The mix of rocks, hills, water, and the autumn colours make this gathering site quite unique and special.

The site is quite big and spread-out, and tourists were thinly-scattered around.

The weather was quite unpredictable. Brief periods of sunshine were interrupted by an annoying downpour. Then a rainbow would emerge to encourage you to stick around a little longer.

I'm used to seeing autumn colours on big trees, not on shrubs. But it's nevertheless a pretty sight.

The GPS played a crucial role on this road trip, giving directions from one stop to the next in this empty landscape.

The Geysir area smells of chemicals with many spouts of steam warming up the cold air and creating a perpetual haze.

This appears to be a must-stop attraction, and crowds were lined up to watch the water spout up from the ground every few minutes.

The ground gleams in red thanks to the abundance of chemicals pouring out from the centre of the earth.

Gullfoss is quite an impressive waterfall not because of its height, but rather its width and steps. Too bad the weather didn't co-operate.

Skálholt was the home of Iceland's first bishop, and was a wealthy and influential settlement of 200 people in the 13th century. The church featured here opened in 1956, and has an ornate mosaic of Christ.

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