Ipoh Photo Gallery - New Town

Ipoh is the capital of Perak state and has a mix of traditional shophouses, British colonial architecture, and great food. While the tin industry collapsed in the 1970s, tourism still thrives here.

The New Town is across the river east of the Old Town and has lots of shophouses and famous eateries as well.

Tofu fa here was cheaper, at barely over 1 ringgit for a small bowl.

Plenty of patrons were already enjoying the famous bean sprout chicken at Lou Wong. For about 15 ringgit, enjoy this trademark Ipoh dish for dinner.

The bean sprouts are fatter and tastier than usual because of the good water quality in this region.

One of the quiet side streets had plenty of murals decorating both sides. Tourists have not made it to this part of town yet to admire the craftsmanship.

As the evening progressed, search for more good food at Tong Sui Kai, a hawker centre with a covered roof so even a downpour won't affect your meal.

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