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Ipoh is the capital of Perak state and has a mix of traditional shophouses, British colonial architecture, and great food. While the tin industry collapsed in the 1970s, tourism still thrives here.

Kek Look Tong Temple was first used for worshipping as early as 1920. Once part of an iron mine, which excavated the interiors, it continues as an active Buddhist temple today. While it is located south of the city, plenty of Uber cars are available to take you there and back into the city. From the New Town, expect to pay about 12 ringgit for the trip, a bargain.

Even if you are not here to worship, walk around the caverns to admire the various geological formations. Entrance is free.

Exit on the other side of the cave and you will see lots of joggers and walkers circling the lake. This is a good place for a morning exercise.

Perak Cave Temple is on the other side of town north of the city. It has many murals along the cave walls but the bonus is the long staircase up to the top of the hill for a nice view of Ipoh's surroundings. It is an active worshipping temple and entrance is free.

A narrow staircase that is steep at times winds its way up the cave and to the outside, where it continues for another 20 minutes or so to the viewpoint at the top of the mountain.

While the climb was not too strenuous, it would be tough on a crowded day since the stairs are not wide enough to allow traffic in both directions.

It is possible to combine both of these caves into a half day trip thanks to Uber. Public transport isn't easy to come by since the caves are not in the city centre. Kek Look Tong to Perak Cave was only about 14 ringgit on Uber, while the ride back into the Old Town was another 8 ringgit.

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