Jakarta Public Transport Photo Gallery

For a region of 10 million, the Jakarta area has quite an inadequate public transport system. There is no metro, railways can't cover much of the city, and residents have mostly drive. This has resulted in nasty traffic jams that come to a standstill in the typical tropical rainstorm.

Transjakarta is meant to make getting around the city a bit easier, with dedicated bus lanes and stops segregated from traffic. A smart card costs 40k rupiah with 20k credit and a ride only costs 3500 (USD 26 cents).

Stops are in the middle of the street with buses getting their own dedicated lanes. The stops are connected via footbridges so passengers don't need to brave the traffic lanes.

The stations are covered to protect against the rain. Each bus has a conductor that steps out with a sign displaying where the bus will go.

Meanwhile, computer monitors above the doors show where the next buses are and when they will arrive.

Line 1 is a key route that connects Kota with the many shopping malls and hotels in Central Jakarta. Services are very frequent even on a Sunday at every few minutes.

I was surprised to find double-decker buses running as well.

Notice the pink buses that are a bit unique compared to the rest of the fleet. These are for women only. Otherwise, the front section is reserved for women on other non-pink buses.

There is also a limited train network, with the main terminus at Kota, the historic heart of the old colonial town.

Across the street is the Transjakarta bus terminus, although you can't just cross the street, but head underground to find the entrance.

In a few years time, the metro will be finished and offer limited reprieve to the city's notorious traffic.

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