Flight Report
CX 831 New York - Hong Kong
Business Class


I arrived exactly 3 hours before departure to check-in, fearing increased security measures would cause significant delays at the airport. Check-in took about 20 minutes as only 2 lines were open for the Business and First Class passengers (it was way too early). With so much time left, I decided to tour the airport by Airtrain.

JFK Airport Photos

Lounge Visit

I made it back to the security check with fairly little time to spare. Security didn't take long though, and I stopped by the lounge to check my email and have a quick drink before proceeding to the gate. There were announcements inside the lounge indicating when passengers should head over to the gate for boarding.


The plane took off eastbound into sunny skies.

Beautiful Scenery of Long Island

North to the Pole!

The plane then turned north to cross the Long Island Sound on the way to the North Pole!

The snack was a delicious prawn and a choice of drink. I picked the non-alcoholic Cathay Delight, which is a kiwi-based drink that turned out pretty delicious.


The appetizer consisted of two types of salad. It was a light start to the meal. I got quite full by the time I was done, forgetting the fact that the main course was coming.


After some fiddling around with the AVOD system and a few TV shows, it was time for the main course. I picked the beef dish.

No Sunset

Due to our northerly route, we actually didn't experience a sunset for the 15.5 hour flight. However, most people closed the blinds to get some rest after the meal.

Over Greenland

I've never flown the polar routes before, and it was quite weird that flying to Hong Kong would mean going east over Greenland, the North Pole, then back east again to Hong Kong.


Breakfast consisted of a fruit plate and I picked the abalone congee as a lighter snack. Without much exercise sitting in my seat, it was hard to eat any more.

Descent to Hong Kong

The sun finally began to set as we approached southern China.

Concluding Remarks

The Business Class seat is quite comfortable. Even if I recline, the passenger behind me won't see anything since each seat is boxed in separately. There is a reading light and a water bottle holder which was stocked by the FAs early on the flight. Too bad it is not a lie-flat bed seat.

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