Flight Report
AA 15 New York JFK - San Francisco
Business Class


My flight was scheduled to leave at around noon, but nevertheless it was an early trip to the airport. Check-in was fairly smooth since I travelled on business class, and the new AA terminal looks very nice and spacious.

I had to descend by escalator and walk through a tunnel to get to the satellite terminal where my boarding gate is. Plane spotting wasn't too much fun - pretty much AA all around.
Safely in my window seat on the right side of the plane ...
Taking off to the east, then north and west towards San Francisco!
Ginger ale is one of my favourite in-flight drinks. The meal was fairly decent. The chicken tasted quite good and the salad was delicious.
Seems like a fairly cold November already.
Notice the very small windows on the left and right at the front of the cabin? That's the TV. Yes, this is Business Class.
Skies began to clear during the descent into San Francisco.

Service Summary

Staff - 8/10 : very friendly staff
Aircraft - 6/10 : for a 6 hour flight, lack of PTV was a big problem
Baggage Claim - 7/10 : had to wait quite some time for my priority baggage to surface
Airport Facilities - 8/10 : AA's JFK terminal is really nice but the domestic one in SFO is beginning to show some age

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