Flight Report : Hong Kong - Beijing

Beijing - Hong Kong
KA 909
23 Jan 2009

With an afternoon departure, I headed to the airport a bit earlier to have lunch and explore the new terminal. Although it was a sunny day, the terminal seemed quite dark though. I thought the skylights were not enough to keep the big space reasonably lit.

It was a very big terminal, which curved along the entrance and stretched for a long time.

Once past immigration, I had to board a train and it travelled quite far to reach the furthest terminal building. There was a lot of space to explore. Not only were there shops, there were also recreation spaces.

Ther was insufficient heating in this part of the airport. I thought there was no heating at all in many parts. Considering it was a cold winter day, it was unacceptable and sitting there waiting for boarding was extremely painful.

Ready to go!

I spotted quite a number of craft flying in the opposite direction below us throughout the flight. Perhaps the air corridor is set stringently and both directions share it with vertical separation?

The meal consisted of a very decent meat and pasta dish with vegetables. Since the flight time spanned the dinner hour, the portion was not enough to extinguish my hunger.


Although the flight itself was uneventful, I was not impressed with the new terminal at Beijing. While it is a very large space with lots of shops and restaurants, it was dark and cold. If so much money was spent designing and building the facility, then there should be money to run it and keep it in good condition.

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