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Ibusuki is an hour south of Kagoshima. This part of the Satsuma Peninsula is a popular resort area. The infrastructure looked a bit basic though.

The helpful staff at the train station's tourist information centre will guide you to the right bus pass to purchase for the day's sightseeing around the peninsula. During the wait, you can soak your feet in the free hot bath just outside the building. The bus stop and waiting lounge is across the street in a fairly decrepit building.

English bus schedules are available and you need to time your visit very carefully since public transport between sights are not too frequent. The ride to Cape Nagasakibana takes about 40 minutes.

After getting off the bus, head downhill along the small market street towards the sea.

Ryugu Shrine

Mt. Kaimon is very noticeable across the water. Standing over 900m tall, it has a nickname of being Satsuma's Fuji.

Rushing back to catch the next bus, it would take another 30 minutes to reach Lake Ikeda, the largest crater lake in Kyushu. Reaching depths of over 230m, the lake was formed from nearby Mt. Kaimon's eruption. But the scenery didn't seem very appealing.

Disappointed and annoyed by the persistent drizzle, it was time to head back to town, admiring some seaside scenery along the way.

Perhaps the best part of the day was the train ride leaving town. The Limited Express Ibusuki no Tamatebako is comfortably-decorated with window-facing bar seats, cedar wood furnishings, sofas, and even a special section for kids.

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