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Located on a hilltop overlooking the city and its harbour, the British Consulate Residence at Takao is a short but intense hike up a long staircase. The colonial building was built in the late 19th century using a British design but constructed by Chinese craftsmen.

Looking at the view, the British picked the right place to keep an eye on the city.

Head down the downhill to the customs building, which is simple in design and also hosts some exhibitions and a shop within.

After your visit, walk along the waterfront promenade to the ferry terminal, where you can head across the harbour to Cijin.

The streets are laid out in a more grid style east of the ferry terminal with many gritty buildings.

Next to the new Sizhiwan MRT station, the Takao Railway Museum has a number of rolling stock displayed in the open. Takao's port was occupied by fishing villages and salt farms. The Japanese built a railway hub here to link with the port, which helped bring machinery to the sugar industry, and also the sugar products for export. The site became a museum in 2010, and the subsequent light rail line used part of the former Kaohsiung Port Station as its terminus.

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