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Ciaotou Sugar Refinery

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Located quite a distance from the city centre but near an MRT station, the Ciaotou Sugar Refinery was the first sugar refinery in Taiwan. Established by the Mitsui Corporation in 1902, it closed in 1999 and was converted into a tourist destination, showcasing the industry and allowing a glimpse of what the facility was like inside.

Senior management lived in these houses built in the Japanese style, built in 1940.

The Factory Director's Office uses a mix of wooden frame, brick walls, and reinforced concrete, all in a Dutch style adapted to the local climate. Termed "tropical colonial western architecture", it also had defensive slots for guns to defend against bandit attacks.

There are many buildings lining along the paths within the factory premises.

The sugar refinery had an initial daily production of 200 tons. Sugar production ended in February 1999 and the current museum opened in 2008.

Getting here by MRT is easy. Ciaotou Station (R23) is a half hour ride from the city centre, followed by a short walk from Exit 1.

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