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Keeling is Taiwan's second port. Its small waterfront promenade is a good place to rest, albeit most of it is not shaded so it's best to stay away during the summer heat.

Not sure what these photographers are waiting for, but they brought quite a lot of professional equipment!

The railway and bus station are across the street.

The city centre's streets are full of grit, ugly-looking buildings, and the odd temple here and there.

Welcome to Hollywood.

Not sure how the bucket got up there. A typhoon passed a few days earlier, but I doubt it would've been the culprit.

Miaokou is an all-hours "night market". Some stalls were already open upon my morning arrival. The market is a short section of street, but there's plenty to eat and see.

Tien-Chi Temple is located in the heart of the Miaokou market street. Established during the Qing dynasty, the temple commemorates the early pioneers

Many buildings have canopies on the ground floor to protect pedestrians from the elements. Shops can also extend their wares to this additional space.

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